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Welcome To DUPUIS

Investment Boutique for Real Estate in Berlin

Dupuis has been one of Germany’s leading investment managers since 2005, with an average of EUR 400-500 million in assets under management. Dupuis offers a Pan-German service platform, headquartered in Berlin (with direct access to further offices in Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main). Between 2007 and 2013, Dupuis performed exclusive sales mandates from its assets under management with a volume of more than EUR 220 million. Simultaneously, Dupuis was responsible for the sourcing and acquisition of individual properties and portfolios, executing a total investment volume of more than EUR 140 million in the past three years. Between 2008 and 2013, DUPUIS was responsible for managing the refurbishment of more than 4,000 apartments in Berlin alone.

Core Competency

Investment & Asset Management

We invest on behalf of banks, institutions, family offices, end HNWI across the entire risk spectrum in residential real estate and real estate portfolios in Berlin. As an independent, owner-managed investment manager with expertise in all core areas of real estate investment management and a powerful local network, we implement investment strategies for our clients for the lifetime of their specific portfolios. 


Million Euro in funds under management


Billion Euro in purchases and sales since 2005


Million Euro of personal capital available for investments in Berlin


Apartments with over 100 landed properties in purchase transactions

Our Strength

Independent & Owner-Managed

We behave as an owner at all times; we are an entrepreneurial and independent investment boutique for real estate. We are an investment manager combining core real estate asset management expertise in all areas, which are maintained in-house, and whose processes are based on best practices defined by INREV (European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles).


Management Team


Managing Director with more than 25 years of experience with real estate investments. Previously responsible for and managed transactions with total volumes exceeding EUR 1 billion.

Frank Dupuis
Managing Director

Managing Director with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and directly responsible for real estate investment volumes of approximately EUR 800 million.

Oliver Lenhardt
Director of Investment & Asset Management

General Manager with more than 10 years of experience in Finance & Accounting in the real estate industry.

Anika Bornschein
Head of Finance & Corporate Management / Authorized Signatory



Investment News & Insights

Interview With Frank Dupuis

Service-KVG-Mandate with Union Investment: Interview with DUPUIS Managing Director Frank Dupuis. As an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Frank Dupuis is one of the leading experts for investment management in residential real estate.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Initiative

Act as if it were personal capital. Identify options which others may have overlooked. Be decisive.



Work as part of a team to achieve goals together, always encouraging communication.



First and foremost we represent the company and our investors.



Adhere to moral principles.



Strive to demonstrate utmost expertise in every situation.



Work hard and show determination in every project.


Best practice

Constantly improve our performance and adhere to the best standard practices in the real estate industry.

Social Responsibility

We are mindful of the fact that our responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere.



Our actions are shaped by sustainability, fairness and social consciousness.


Corporate Governance

We act transparently and avoid conflicts of interest in advance, abiding by our top-to-bottom approach and strict observance of international good corporate governance standards.


Best Practice

Each member of our management team is personally responsible for adhering to ethical principles and implementing best practice standards as essential components of our corporate philosophy.

With our corporate social responsibility program, DUPUIS demonstrates awareness of the fact that our responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere. Our firm feels a particular sense of responsibility for society, changes in sociocultural structures and the ecological sustainability of real estate in Germany.


In order to recognize the importance of this social and ecological responsibility, and stay in line with our firm’s increasing awareness for sustainability, DUPUIS is currently working closely with the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) of Steinbeis University Berlin as part of a public project of the Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund (ESF).


Our goal is to implement solid and enduring corporate social responsibility measures relating to the firm’s operations.


More information can be found at:

Each year, DUPUIS donates a fixed percentage of its earnings to social causes. Among projects worthy of support, we select those with the most streamlined and cost-efficient management structures, so that the highest possible share of funding will go directly to those who need it most.


We favor projects which support education and provide basic medical care for underprivileged children, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and the US.

Please refer to the following documents for more information