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Asset Management

Core Competencies

Investment Management

We target:

  1. Anti-cyclical investment processes
  2. Mid- to long-term holding periods
  3. High quality assets with a significant current income component


These enable us to put our management qualities to work.

We are driven to safeguard our Investors, protecting asset income while adding “return-boosters” according to the specific risk profile of the client.


Our services are diverse and inter-disciplinary, but they all have the same goal: help you take advantage of opportunities to develop and achieve your objectives.

A key requirement for success, especially in the volatile and capital-intensive real estate markets, is maintaining a strategic and integrated perspective over your invested capital.

Owner Representation
  • DUPUIS is a manager that realizes investor demands are felt at the asset management level. Because of this, we constantly review our controls and systems, focusing on core businesses, including:
    • Return / risk-controlling
    • Risk Management on property and process level
    • Consulting and development of property strategies
    • Optimization and value-adding of the properties (aligning with portfolio strategy)
    • Leasing / Letting / Tenant Management
    • Active selection and controlling of Property Management, Facility Management, and other external service providers.
  • Expertise in the various fields is provided in inter-disciplinary fashion and efficiently. We remain opportunistically entrepreneurial, adding value for our clients by focusing on a top-to-bottom management approach
  • We focus on maximizing the performance and value of real estate assets as we are responsible for formulating and implementing a long-term real estate asset management strategy. This includes income and expense forecasting, lease planning, capital budgeting, value creation activities and risk/return analysis for assets


Residential Real Estate


  • We have acquired 100 residential and commercial buildings in Berlin
  • We restored over 2700 units in 3 acquired property ensembles from the 30’s alone


We have our own leasing arm named Home-in-Berlin which provides high-quality and fully furnished apartments.

Corporate Management

Our investment and asset management mandates are reinforced through professional services in the areas “Corporate Management” and “Financial Services”.  The following range of offerings are available in accordance with the needs of the client:


Corporate Management

  • Domiciliation of special purpose entities
  • Support with corporate structuring
  • Hiring of management teams
  • Organization of corporate documentation and decision making processes
  • Involvement and coordination of external providers such as law and tax experts


Financial Services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services for individual investments and special purpose vehicles
  • Prepartion of annual financial statements, either in-house or through delivery to external partners
  • Support of auditing processes
  • Delivery of financial reports
  • Deleivery of raw and financial data in accordance with agreed upon formatting and interfaces
  • Tax compliance in accordance with real estate law provided through in-house or external tax professionals


Risk Management/Compliance

Both value drivers and risk drivers need to be identified early on and consequential effects have to be modeled in each case. However, this is not in itself sufficient. It must also be ensured that a system of rules is in place in order to mitigate and/or prevent such risks.


  • IT-supported risk analysis
  • Proven early warning system
  • SLA reporting to service providers
  • Independent risk reporting
  • Company-wide compliance rules
Project Management
  • The complexity of large development and refurbishment projects, often with sizable urban planning and community components, require not only considerable experience, but also the ability to integrate and connect expertise in a wide variety of areas
  • We represent owners’ interests in complex development projects, providing both commercial and technical project management. In so doing, we create flexibility for our investors, allowing them to acquire properties with “value-add” potential and giving priority to the transformation process (e.g. value-add to core)
  • This expertise is well-known to the majority of relevant financing partners in Germany, providing needed confidence when our clients are negotiating financing
  • In residential portfolio management, our expertise comes to bear not just in connection with the complex refurbishment expertise in residential ensembles, but also for day-to-day apartment refurbishments in case of tenant fluctuation
  • High priority is attached to the efficient use of capex budgets (“smart capex”), demonstrable measurement of the added value created by each project and time-critical implementation. In just the past 6 years, DUPUIS took control of the refurbishment of around 4,000 residential units in Berlin alone

Our Understanding

We are an independent, owner-operated investment manager with asset management expertise in all core areas of Real Estate Investment Management.


This includes investment and portfolio management, asset management, transaction consulting, commercial and technical project management, corporate management/financial services, marketing and research, as well as property management, including leasing. We emphasize a streamlined structure and efficient processes, all provided by in-house professionals.


We generate added value for our clients by focusing on a top-to-bottom management approach. We develop strategies to maximize real estate returns, taking into account anticipated portfolio durations and multiple exit alternatives. Comprehensive research and active risk management are a necessity for us.