DUPUIS INVESTMENTS | Alternative Wohnformen
Dupuis Asset Management wurde 1998 als Immobilien Asset Management Unternehmen mit Fokus auf den Berliner Immobilienmarkt gegründet.
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Environmental Social Governance – Our Responsibility

Considering the interests of all stakeholders

Our approach to ESG is to reflect the interests of all stakeholders in our operations. We take great responsibility in our day-to-day business activities and believe that financial returns and sustainabilty are not mutually exclusive.

Our approach

We are thinking about tomorrow

Sustainability, social compatibility and ethics were right from the beginning on our agenda. They are essential for our investments as well as for our social commitment. Our employees are our greatest asset and we put their well-being first. We are firmly convinced, that we will only be sucessful over the long-term, if we deal responsibly with our investors, employees & partners as well as with our environment.


We are always looking for new opportunities and technologies to make our business and investments contribute to a more sustainable world. We have been implementing CO2 reduced refurbishment since the late 90´s.


We value diversity in gender, age, ethnic and cultural backgrounds of our employees and a minimum employee turnover. All of our employees are entrepreneurs inside the company with flexible working hours, attractive working and relaxing spaces and various social benefits, including our own Corporate Impact Fund.


We believe that our impact can be much stronger by forming partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs. Strong partnerships have been the basis for most of our ventures.

Local Community

With our investments we contribute in a significant way to improve local neighbourhoods. With our Alternative Accomodation Strategy we target the increasing issue of loneliness and foster community building.