DUPUIS INVESTMENTS | Alternative Wohnformen
Dupuis Asset Management wurde 1998 als Immobilien Asset Management Unternehmen mit Fokus auf den Berliner Immobilienmarkt gegründet.
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Innovative Mindset

Preparing for a future of exponential change

In a constantly evolving world, even a traditional sector such as Real Estate is changing and will have to innovate. In our view, you need to look beyond Real Estate and the Investment Management horizon. This requires to closely follow trends of innovation, lessons learned, challenge the status-quo and spearhead change. Innovation requires first and foremost a digital mindset, a progressive company culture and spirit. Innovation is industry agnostic. The pace of  change is likely to increase exponentially. Megatrends like: New Ownership, Sharing Economies, UX, Machine Learning, Blockchain and New Customers will grow in importance in the coming years and have the potential to revolutionize the Investment Industry. We highly appreciate when investments into megatrends are incorporating multiple layers of purpose and addressing separate convictions.

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Forward Thinking

We are passionate about the future of technology, culture and business

We practice an innovative company culture, by utilizing our insights into various Tech spaces and combining these with our deep operational know-how gained from investing into Real Estate. We look for progressive ways of investing and creating innovative products. In this context we build and maintain collaborations with leaders in the innovative spaces and are open minded to new experiences. Furthermore we implement new technologies into our operations and existing investments.
Frank Dupuis is an advisory board member of IEG, an investment bank, providing entrepreneural solutions for digital innovations, a member of the shareholder board of BeyondBuild and a principal investor into Innovations and Tech for more than 15 years.


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