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Selected Exits


NoBull is a leading brand of footwear, apparel, and accessories catering to athletes and sports enthusiasts, with a particular emphasis on niche markets such as CrossFit, Triathlon, and American Football. In recent years, NoBull has seen substantial growth and has become a highly favored brand within the CrossFit community in the United States. In early 2021, the company successfully completed a funding round, resulting in a valuation of over $500 million, in which we exited our secondary position from 2019


Coinbase is a leading US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates globally. The company, which operates as a remote-first organization without an official headquarters, raised $540 million in a funding round prior to its initial public offering (IPO) in early 2021. Our firm invested in a secondary transaction in 2018 and subsequently divested our position following the successful completion of the IPO.


Airbnb is an online platform that specializes in offering homestay vacation rentals to travelers. The San Francisco-based company successfully raised $3.4 billion at $68 per share during its initial public offering (IPO) and closed at a price of over $144, generating an additional $3.5 billion. Our firm initially invested in the company through a secondary round following its Series F funding round, and subsequently divested a majority of our position following the successful completion of the IPO.


SpaceX is an aerospace company, designing, manufacturing and launching advanced (mostly reusable) rockets and spacecrafts for both private as well as governmental contracts (e.g. Space-cargo carrying). Furthermore, SpaceX is developing a satellite Internet constellation called Starlink with over 3.300 satellites in orbit. We invested in a secondary transaction in 2019 and exited our SpaceX position in late 2022.