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The Dupuis Team has a rich mix of financial strategic and investment experience. In particular we have valuable direct operating experience in various Real Estate Fund-, Investment- and Asset Management capabilities. Our firm is built on the belief that allocations in real estate have the potential to outperform other asset classes on a risk-adjusted basis over a long term. Direct allocations in Real Assets require specialist and on-the-ground knowledge. They cannot be bought by “pushing a button” and thus, have to be meticulously managed on an everyday basis. Therefore, we believe that only the best investment and asset managers can consistently outperform the market.


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Venture Capital

We believe that the technological progress will be exponential and have an impact on all industries. Therefore we invest into megatrends (like the Sharing Economy, Mobility, Climate Change) and themes (Health, New Work, Financial Inclusion). From an investment point-of-view we try to build our portfolio spanning different phases (from Seed to Late Stage) and geographies. 


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Private Equity

We invest directly into Investment Management Platforms, particularly with a real estate focus. We actively target strategic minority stakes in service platforms in the areas of Fund-, Investment-, and Asset Management. We invest into secondaries of late-stage, pre IPO companies with great and likable leadership teams.


We and a group of seasoned entrepreneurs function as both early stage investors as well as active supporters in restructuring processes and management buy-outs.

We pursue 3 Private Equity strategies, all with a mid- to long term holding horizon:


  1. Investment Management Operating Platform Companies
  2. Operational Companies supporting our long-term investment and asset allocations
  3. Late-stage private market investments via Secondaries

Impact Investments

Our Impact Investments have the intent to generate a measurable and beneficial social impact. We strive to engage with great individuals and avoid leakage of funds so that the money gets to the projects and individuals in need. With each investment we look for the biggest leverage and value for money. We are committed to inspiring entrepreneurship and the strengthening of civil societies. (Sub-Saharan Africa) as well as the inner city youth in urban areas (Berlin-San Francisco). Via DUPUIS Purpose Investment & Charitable Programs we support shelter & medical needs of the most vulnerable.

“Progress happens when smart, dedicated people translate good intentions into concrete realities.”

(Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the GATESFOUNDATION)


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