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Dupuis Asset Management wurde 1998 als Immobilien Asset Management Unternehmen mit Fokus auf den Berliner Immobilienmarkt gegründet.
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Mama Baraka

Our heart-project

Mama Baraka Children Home Nairobi

Support Mama Baraka Children Home (MBCH) in Nairobi, Kenya
Support of a family-run orphanage home in Nairobi and the facilitation of electricity and fresh water supply.


The extra-ordinary engagement and commitment of Maryann, Janet and their mother as well as the conclusive concept of this cozy home for abandoned and orphaned boys was a decisive factor to engage ourselves in such an extent.
Mama Baraka Children´s Home is more than a home for the kids who live there.
Their philosophy is to provide a holistic environment for the growth and healthy development of abandoned and orphaned boys into mature and responsible adults for a local and international impact.
Janet Njoki, The Managing Director of Mama Baraka Children´s Home, her mother and the team continue to take care of the center with their full personal commitment. We´ve been touched by the warm and hospitable environment in Mama Baraka Children`s Home during our visits in Kenya.

Social Responsibility

More than a home

Mama Baraka Children`s Home works on a high level administrative standards. At present they have 9 boys. Some of the staff members are social workers who are trained periodically. The kids live in specific small units, equipped with facilities relevant to their level of development, and grouped depending on their age under the care of house mother and matron. Currently there is an orderly accounting system in place.
The monthly overhead of MBCH stands presently at 450,000 KES which is 4,500 EUR or 4,870 USD.
Nevertheless, there´s still a lot to do.